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Full Moon Love Spells: A Ritual Guide To Attract Love

by Voodoo And Magic
full moon love spells

Use full moon love spells to bring affection into your life

The moon is not only powerful to cut through the darkness and shed light in the darkest hours, but it also affects everything else we do. For women, it impacts the menstrual circle, while for all of us it has an impact on the way we behave and our moods. For those looking for love, full moon love spells can help to bring lasting affection.

Do you have an eye on someone who just doesn’t seem to be noticing you? It’s time to take matters into your own hands and use my full moon love spells. Learn what love spells for full moon can do for you, when to cast them, and determine the ingredients you will need to take advantage of the window of opportunity.

For you to understand the power of love spells for full moon or simple crescent love spells let’s start by looking at the phases of the moon and what each of them means to you as someone looking for love. The moon goes through four phases: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon. Each of the moon’s phases lasts a total of seven days. Hence, if you want to take advantage of love spells for the full moon, you will need to know the days when you should do so.

Out of the three phases of the moon, the full moon has been identified as being the most important with regards to casting spells because this is the time when magic has shown to be the most powerful. How powerful your love spell on the full moon will be will depend on you casting them during the full moon. I have also noticed that spells should be cast on a specific date and any three days ahead or after that date.

What Is A Full Moon?

Generally, the full moon is viewed as a time when the moon looks like a full circle when looked at from the earth. It is thought that at this time, gravitational forces are at their most powerful which makes the energy of the moon to be at its premium. As a spellcaster, I take advantage of this time to initiate, make, and tell the universe the most important of our needs with regards to love by casting a full moon love spell. The positive momentum at this time of the month is what makes these spells even more powerful.

Casting Full Moon Spells

Many people who have approached me asking me to help them cast full moon spells usually tell me that want results immediately. However, this is not always possible as casting crescent love spells that work requires a certain level of patience as you have to wait for the moon to go through its natural phases until it gets to the phase of the full moon.

For full moon love spells to be easy, you should take the time while you wait to ensure that you put everything you need in place. The specific ingredients required will depend on the specifics of what you want. Being specific is one thing you will need to learn if you are going to cast spells. Determine exactly whether you want crescent love spells to bring back a lover, you want to make your current relationship stronger or you want your current lover to propose.

For example, if you want to use full moon candle love spells, ensure that you have the candles before the moon becomes full. Remember, time is of the essence, and if you are not well prepared, you could miss the window of opportunity which will entail you having to wait another four or so weeks before the moon becomes full again.

If you have no idea about the kind of ingredients or rituals you can use with love spells to do on a full moon, why don’t you send me an email with your details and I will guide you on this one.

Performing Full Moon Love Spells On A Specific Person

Love is a specific feeling that is usually directed at a particular person. Hence, you will need to know exactly how to cast full moon love spells on a specific person. However, before we proceed, I want to warn you that spells to do with love need to be approached with reverence as undoing them can be quite difficult if not sometimes impossible.

Before you decide to cast your spell on a specific person, introspect deeply and be convinced that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. While I am not implying that you should spend years deciding about this, I mean that just casting crescent love spells randomly to see what will happen may leave you with the result that you will regret for the rest of your life.

Remember that spells, in general, also depend on you casting them from a good space. Hence, you wouldn’t want to cast a love spell on someone just because you want to break up a couple because you are jealous. I always warn that Karma is watching and he can be quite patient before he acts.

If there is someone you want to look at you in a positive light and you want to cast a full moon love spell on, what are you still waiting for? Now is the time to write to me. I can promise you that you will never regret your decision.

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