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Enemy Spell: Learn How To Protect Yourself From Your Enemies

by Voodoo And Magic
Enemy Spell

Some people find it easier to deny something for them to feel as if they are safe. I have often seen this among people who deny that they have enemies. Most of the people who think that they do not have enemies do so based on the fact that they have no enemies they know and thus think no enemy spell has been cast on them.

Whether you accept it or not, everybody has enemies trying to hurt them. Avoid being hurt by an enemy spell by taking action.

Enemies can be declared, or they can be in sheepskin

If you know your enemies, consider yourself lucky because many people do not know who their enemies are. Not all enemies come out in the open to show that they are acting against your interest. I call those types of enemies, enemies who come clothed in sheepskin. By this, I mean that they know how to cast a spell to make someone sick or they have become masters of spells to curse someone, and they want to use these spells on you, but they will never reveal this to you. They will act as if they were your best friends. foe spell

So, what do you do if you suspect that there may be enemies among your friends who want to use a spell to destroy someone on you? One way is to contact a fortune teller and ask them to check if among your friend there could be any dangerous people who may have access to spells that could destroy you such as a spell to make someone lose their job, and foe spell.

Protect yourself with a spell to make an enemy move away

The reason why you would want to find out if there are any dangerous people among individuals who may be pretending to be your friend is so that you can decide on how you want to protect yourself. There are two methods you can use to protect yourself: either you can make use of spells to curse an enemy, or you can use protection from enemies spell. I have no right to tell you which spell is the right one but I have the responsibility to inform you about them.

If you ask me which solution I prefer, I will tell you that I would rather use a protection spell before I start spells to punish someone. I will explain later why I would rather deal with the situation before it presents itself than to have to fight it after it has happened.

Acting after someone has attacked, you can be difficult because some things are not easy to reverse. For instance, let’s say someone has cast a free breakup spell on you and your partner; you can use all your revenge spell chants but the truth is that the break up has already happened. Even if you and your partner will eventually get back together, you will have to work hard to mend your relationship of the harm which occurred. You may also know how to punish someone who hurt you, but you can never reverse the pain you felt. Enemy Spell

Prevent the harm

You probably have heard the adage; prevention is better than cure. This means that it is better to prevent something from happening than trying to manage the fallout from the incident. The challenge with revenge is that it gets you into an unholy path where the energy around you becomes bad.

Also, if you are going to employ magic spells for enemies, you will need to make sure that the spells you are using are much stronger than the ones that were used to curse you in the first place. While I know a number of karma spells that work, I will still advise you rather to be protected as opposed to having to fight after something has already happened.

The decision is still yours

Whether you decide to revenge, forgive or seek protection, the decision is still yours. I have no right myself to tell you how to react to someone who has made you feel pain. My role is to guide you as you make the decision and support you.

Maybe someone has led to the death of a loved one, they have put you in prison for something you didn’t do, or they have separated you from someone you love, if you want to know how to punish someone who hurt you, no one should judge you. Enemy Spell

While it is important that you make the decision that best heals the wounds in your heart, it is important to talk to someone like me first and understand the alternatives you have. Most of the time, I have noticed that decisions are taken out of anger usually lead you to a path of hatred. I know that sometimes you may walk in that path of revenge to find healing, but I can tell you that protecting yourself from the word go is better than revenge. Spells to punish someonewho hurt you.

If you want protection, fill in our contact form and tell us your situation and we will see how we can help you.

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