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Is Witchcraft Real? Debunking Myths And Exploring The Truth

by Voodoo And Magic
Is witchcraft real

Ask anyone who has lived in Africa or any other place in the world where people believe that supernatural forces exist and they will answer with a laugh. Why would someone laugh at you in these places if you ask, is witchcraft real? They laugh because they consider this to be a silly question and this will be followed by the answer; who doesn’t know that witches are real?

Knowing that some people are looking for a genuine answer to this question, I have taken some time to answer the question, is witchcraft real and does it really work. I hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you will know what is real witchcraft and also have an idea that witchcraft is not this bad thing that people make it be

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft, sometimes referred to as witchery denotes beliefs and a practice based on magical abilities and skills. However, as a term, witchcraft denotes a broad idea as it is culturally and socially constituted in different ways in different cultures. However, many people who ask the question, how real are they usually get an answer that portrays it as a bad thing that results in the death of people using such things as birds of prey and lightning.

A short answer to showing that these spells are real can be found in its ability to persist over the centuries. Witchcraft has been a part of human reality in different forms for as long as human beings have been alive. This alone is proof that these spells are real.

A woman standing
A woman standing

Even though witchcraft is mostly thought of as something which is practiced in societies that are early, the truth is that it is also present in some advanced societies and religions. For instance, even holy books can be noted to refer to witchcraft as something which exists. Just search using the words Is witchcraft real bible, and you will be directed to several scriptures in the holy book which refers to it.

Learning witchcraft

One of the questions that keep coming up is whether one can be trained to practice witchcraft or they are born with the ability. I have often been asked, is Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry real? While this school may not be real, in societies where witchcraft is practiced, there are people responsible for initiating those who want to practice witchcraft.

If witchcraft has been part of a family through the generations, it also becomes much easier for young people that family to learn the trade. So, if you ask me, is there a real witchcraft school my answer would be yes, based on my understanding that a school is an area where people learn a certain craft, even though such a school may not be a formal one. In Africa, there are many people known in their communities for their ability to teach people the art of witchcraft.

Are witchcraft spells real?

Now let’s look at another question linked to witchcraft: are these spells real? The short answer is that indeed there are real. There is a link between witchcraft and spells in that they both depend on magic to manifest.

Someone who has been properly trained in witchcraft will also have the ability to cast spells. Whether these spells are cast with the right or wrong intention is another issue which I will discuss later. What you just need to know is that the most important thing you need to consider when determining whether something is right or not is the intention of the person casting the spell.

Is witchcraft bad?

Are witches real? This may be an important question, but many people are also battling with the question as to whether witchcraft as an art is bad. Just like everything else, witchcraft cannot be bad on its own. What makes it worse are the people who use it in the wrong ways to kill, manipulate and inflict pain. Even good things can be used to bring about bad results. For example, a person can be given poisoned food and die. This does not make the food bad; it is the poison in the food that is bad.

I have seen many witches who work as witch doctors who are trusted by people in their communities to solve problems, heal people from sicknesses, and cast away evil spirits. These witch doctors are approached by people who are looking for protection from their enemies.

I have always said that I believe that anyone who has been given powers should use such powers with the highest degree of reverence. I believe the same thing about people who have the power to use witchcraft. As I have already indicated, these spells are real and can be used to produce good things such as healing the sick, but it can also be used to produce wrong results which can lead to death.

If you feel that someone has cast evil spells on you using witchcraft, please fill in our contact form so that we can help to cleanse you of these evil spirits and bad luck.

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